Let an attorney handle your will and estate planning

Let an attorney handle your will and estate planning

Everyone seems to enjoy a good lawyer joke, and many people look for ways to address their legal needs without securing a lawyer’s service. Some issues, though, are far too important, and have the potential for too many serious and adverse consequences to take chances on. One such area is wills and estate planning. This is an area where “doing it yourself” such as using fill in the blank forms or templates can result in unintended consequences which cause hardship instead of benefit to family and heirs.

This can be avoided with professionally-prepared documents that are up-to-date, compliant with all relevant state laws and that properly take into account all the unique facts and circumstances that affect you and your family. There is truly no “one size fits all” when it comes to wills and other estate-related documents.

When one dies without a will in North Carolina, laws known as the Rules of Intestate Succession are utilized by the Court to determine who inherits your assets. Neither you nor your heirs have control in that process. Also, when there is no will the Court must appoint someone to administer you estate, and that person must post a bond (which can be expensive) in order to be allowed to serve. This can be avoided with a properly drafted will.

Allow an experienced legal professional to help you in the assessment of your needs, whether you presently have a will or not, so that with that assistance you might gain the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your family’s financial future is protected and secure.

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