Concord Family Law Attorneys

Our attorneys have many years of experience in handling a wide range of issues and matters related to Family Law. We strive to handle each case involving Family Law with understanding, compassion and care. Each of these cases is unique with regard to the specific circumstances presented. Both the current fact situation and the history of the parties and the relationships must be carefully considered prior to developing a plan for resolution of the issues. We are often successful in a negotiated or mediated resolution, thereby accomplishing a settlement without the substantial investment in time, expense and emotions that is generally associated with court litigation. Our attorneys, as well as support staff, are committed to helping each and every client through this difficult and challenging time. We do our best to work closely with each client in an effort to achieve the best outcome.

Child custody

Litigating child custody issues is one of the most difficult areas of family law. The attorneys of Black & Boone, PA have successfully litigated and/or negotiated settlements for many clients in the areas of child custody, child support, visitation privileges, guardianships, paternity issues and adoptions. With the right legal guidance and assistance, it is often possible to negotiate a reasonable out-of-court settlement of these issues, thus saving considerable time, expense and emotional distress.

Child Support

Child support in North Carolina is based on an income-shared guideline. Unless you have unique and specific compelling reasons to request a different arrangement, the court must follow these set guidelines. While it sounds simple, sometimes the calculation process can be quite confusing and frustrating. Seeking a consultation with one of our attorneys is highly advised if you are considering, or have been served, with support claims.

Separation and Divorce

In North Carolina parties must be physically separated (i.e. living in separate residences) for a period of at least 12 consecutive months before a divorce can be achieved. In many cases it is possible to negotiate a settlement during the year of separation so that issues involving property accumulated during the marriage, spousal support, alimony and other related financial matters are resolved by the time of divorce. This eliminates the need to litigate these issues at the time of divorce, thus saving the parties considerable expense, time and inconvenience. With proper guidance and assistance from attorneys it is even possible to resolve all issues and obtain a divorce without the client ever having to appear in court.

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