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Family Law

While there are a variety of legal issues that you may have to deal with over the course of your life, the most stressful and emotionally fraught are those related to family law. Whether you’re negotiating custody, filing for divorce, or dividing property, you need to handle your family law issues with the help of the experienced attorneys at Black, Grossman & Boone, P.A. Read More

Real Estate Law

When you’re dealing with a real estate transaction, whether as a seller or a buyer, there are several legal matters that you will need to handle. Because real estate deals are very complicated in nature, the best way to navigate these issues is with the help of the attorneys at Black, Grossman & Boone, P.A. Read More

DUI/DWI Violations

Driving while impaired (DWI) is driving your motor vehicle on a public street or highway (which includes many parking lots) while your mental OR physical faculties are appreciably impaired. We commonly ask our clients, “did you feel it?” If you did, then you were likely impaired.

Personal Injury

We are able to assist those who have been injured as a result of the fault or negligence of another party, such as automobile accidents. We have helped many clients over a number of years to successfully settle claims for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, etc. Read More

Wills and Estate Administration

We take a personal, hands-on approach, working with our clients in a relaxed atmosphere to assist them in formulating a plan that properly takes into account all circumstances, both family and financial, that makes each case unique. We believe that there is no "fill in the blank" or "one size fits all" will or trust document that can meet the individual needs and concerns of our clients. Read More

Business and Corporate Law

When starting a new business entity or re-structuring an existing business, your needs may include the establishing of a Corporation or a Limited Liability Company. The attorneys at Black, Grossman & Boone PA are well-equipped to handle these matters, and provide services from preparing and filing the necessary organizational documents to preparing the governing documents, agreements between the shareholders or members, issuing shares of stock and all related services. Read More

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